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JP -Jasch Patrick

About Me

Inspired by the resonating sounds of his beloved band „The Prodigy,“ JP embarked on his analog journey back in 2001, immersing himself in vinyl and venturing down solitary paths that skillfully interwove house and tech house. This journey led JP across Germany, first through clubs and later within the vibrant bars of Leipzig.

In 2011, the transition to a fully digital realm unfolded, as JP collaborated with his DJ partner and friend, „Thomas Beyer,“ giving birth to the alias „Musican Puppets.“ Their union of experience, discipline, and youthful creativity gave rise to a dynamic and explosive electro duo.
Since 2015, JP has found his musical haven. Nestled somewhere between the realms of Electronic, Deep, and Loungehouse, his music radiates a serene lightness that conjures a touch of magic during sunsets and within fashionable venues.

The year 2019 marked the release of his debut single, „PAnnik,“ on „Pearls for Pigs.“ This was soon followed by „Indivisible“ on „Deep Woods,“ and „Children“ on „Bunte Träumerei.“ The fusion of electronic and classical elements piques the curiosity of listeners. The origins of these deceptively simple compositions trace back to JP’s unique connection with his daughter, Annika. Merging her impassioned piano melodies with his own years of musical passion, the duo crafted collaborative pieces. Their meticulous efforts have culminated in another track set for release this year, infused with an even greater flash of musical ardor and heightened emotion.

JP – Jasch Patrick, an artist who forges a tranquil bond with his melodic grooves, whether it be in a club lounge, atop a rooftop, or within a beachside haven. His Deephouse resonances invite listeners to linger and daydream, a restless foot invariably tapping along.

JP’s fervor for the electronic sonic spectrum remains unwavering. A versatile musician, he responds to local atmospheres with empathetic intuition. His music, an intricate tapestry, not only captivates new fans and enthusiasts daily through his sets but consistently enchants global audiences during live performances. Driven by boundless ambition and fervor, JP is poised to transcend boundaries, his melodies echoing far and wide.

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© 2024 JP - Jasch Patrick

© 2024 JP - Jasch Patrick