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About Me

Driven by the sound of his favorite band „The Prodigy“, Jasch Patrick started his career as a DJ and producer in 2001 with classic vinyl and lots of house and tech house sounds.

In the years that followed, he continued to develop, discovering different genres and gaining experience in the hottest clubs and trendy bars.

JP, alias Jasch Patrick, has been musically established and specialized for over 10 years. His sound is a symphony of organic house sounds and lounge music. A mix of lightness and groovy elements that create a certain magic. Like a perfect sunset that says goodbye to the day and rings in the evening.

He has been producing his own tracks since 2019 and has released on well-known labels such as „Pearls for Pigs“, „Deep Woods“, „Bunte Träumerei“ and „House Music With Love“.

Together with his daughter Annika, he combines classical piano playing elements with electronic sounds. Whether club, rooftop bar, beach club or festival – Jasch Patrick is a guarantee for beats that invite you to linger and dream.

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Get your exclusive merch for my new release „Montana“ on House Music With Love! Select from two stylish designs available as a hoodie, shirt, or polo shirt, and email me your size to place your order!

Montana Design 1

HMWL Montana Design 1 trans

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© 2024 JP - Jasch Patrick

© 2024 JP - Jasch Patrick